BBQ Doctor
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or 1-855-4BB-QDOC

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We provide a complete BBQ cleaning service that removes all traces of grease, fat and carbon especially in areas you canít see.

We remove key components and deep clean them in specially equipped trailers, using environmentally friendly treatments.

Complete degreasing of the following areas:
:: Hood
:: Wire Catch Pan
:: Control Knobs
:: Drip Pans
:: Rotisserie Racks
:: Igniters
:: Pull-Out Tray
:: Thermometer

Components deep cleaned in our steam bath:
- Grill Racks
- Flavorizer Bars
- Heat Plates

Inspection of the following parts:
:: Burners
:: Pressure Regulator
:: Igniters
:: Venturi Tubes

Your BBQ is Polished After Completion!

Benefits of Our Service:
- Removes harmful carcinogens that can be transferred to your food
- Prevents future corrosion
- Helps extend the life of your grill
- Protects your valuable investment

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